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Japan has a unique and rich culture that is celebrated across the world.

Zuzu offers one of the best examples of hospitality, which is an integral part of the Japanese culture. From the moment you step into Zuzu, the staff will greet you with a warm welcome using phrases such as “irasshaimase” meaning “welcome.” The staff are very attentive, polite and friendly, which makes one feel comfortable and at ease. Dinner experience at Zuzu restaurant is one of a kind!

Join us at Zuzu Santorini, where the spirit of Japan meets the warmth of the Mediterranean, and let us whisk you away on a delectable journey that transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in a captivating fusion of flavors and ambiance that can only be found at Zuzu, a must-visit destination for discerning diners in Santorini.

Menu & Wine List

Our chefs are highly skilled in preparing and presenting their dishes. Each dish is an art in itself, with delicately presented ingredients that are pleasing to the eye.

Our menu embraces a sensorial journey through flavours, smells and aromas and each day will bring you delight and health benefits.

Savour meticulously crafted dishes that showcase the finesse of Japanese techniques, fused with the freshest ingredients from Greece and the Mediterranean. Delight your palate with an exquisite menu that transcends borders, offering a unique and memorable gastronomic journey.Indulge in our innovative cocktails, expertly crafted to unite the essence of Greek and Japanese flavours, creating a symphony of tastes that will awaken your senses.

Our Menu

Enter into a world of taste

The hospitality in Zuzu is reflected in the service provided by the staff, the quality of the food and drinks, and the overall atmosphere of it

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Αddress: Firostefani, Santorini 847 00

Contact number: 2286 036178

Email:  [email protected]

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